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Our Story

20 years ago, when it came to natural products, I had to drive nearly 30 minutes out of town just to get the most basic things.


Back in the 90’s when I started looking for natural foods and supplements for my family, I realized what we were missing. Our Fayetteville community needed a natural market – a welcoming place to find organic foods, supplements, and support for living a healthy life.


This was the seed of the idea. Though I was born and raised here and saw this opportunity, I wasn’t an entrepreneur. So to start growing things, I took any adult business classes I could find at FTCC and learned the basics about running a business. And with the love and support of my family, we opened the first Apple Crate – a tiny 750 square foot shop in Hope Mills – on July 15, 1997.


It’s hard to believe it’s been over twenty years since that story got started. We have two wonderful locations now serving you in Fayetteville, across from Harris Teeter, and in Hope Mills, near Camden and Hope Mills Road. My daughters, Emily and Allison, have grown up and today, they help me run our business along with our incredible, caring staff.


As we embrace our family-owned, community-grown mission, every day I can think back to that moment – that seed of an idea that I knew could help my family and help yours.


Our area needed a place to discover and enjoy natural products and foods because those things can change lives. I’m so glad we’ve been able to make that happen. Today, whenever I come to work and see one of our staff members helping a customer find the right thing or meeting someone new who is relieved to have found our market, I know that every step in the journey has been worth it.


So I invite you to take a short drive and come see us. If you’re a regular, it’ll be great to catch up. And if you’re new, welcome – you’ll be right at home here.


-Brenda Harris

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